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The Wedding Dress

Danielle Steel is a famous American author who has written and published hundreds of books. Her novels are fiction and based on romance, relationships, heartbreaks and challenges of life. The seventy-six year old has written over 146 novels all of which have been best selling in the New York Times chart. Some of her novels have even been adopted for television shows, she has also written children poetry book series for children. Most of her novels are mostly meant for young adults and this has made her gain more readers to the list of her numerous books.

The author began writing books as early as the age of thirteen, her parents divorced when she was still young and she was forced to live with her father. Sometimes her parents would go with her to big parties of wealthy people in France and she learnt a lot about social life contributing to her vast literary skills. At school she studied literature and fashion design but wrote books as a freelancer on the other hand. When she was eighteen she got married to her first husband and had to balance between her writing and relationship.

She presented her first piece to an editor who encouraged her to start writing her own books because he saw great potential in her. Following the advice she went on to start writing and her first novel Going home was released in 1972 making her instantly rise to Stardom. Later on she divorced her husband and remarried but again got separated, the author went through a series of breakups. It’s believed that most of the stories she writes are based on the many challenges she has faced in her love life which have inspired her great works.

Steel has been recognised globally because of her writing skills, she was listed on the Guineas Book of Records for having her books on New York Times best seller list. Amidst her success she has also been faced with great losses, her son committed suicide in the year 1997 and she wrote a novel as a tribute to him. It was called Bright Light and won an award in the New York Times best seller list and was a really emotional story. Apart from writing, Danielle Steel also founded an organisation in honour of her son that helps people with mental illnesses and funds organisations for charitable acts.

The Wedding Dress

In the year 2006 a perfume was also launched in the name of Danielle Steel and is known as Danielle. She has written many novels such as spy, The Cast, Jewels, Fairy tale, A good woman, Moral compass and The wedding dress. Most of her novels do not have sequels and she always prefers to write one novel at a time. Once Danielle said that she had to write her books at night and sleep only for four hours so that she could manage to take care of her children and spend time with her family.

Her latest novel The wedding dress was released on the 28th of April this year and has already been met with a lot of positivism from the larger audience. The story starts of in 1929 before the Great Depression, a young girl Eleanor meets the love of her life Alex who is a banker. Being the only daughter in a wealthy family her parents make sure that she gets to have the best wedding. Eleanor travels with her mother to buy one of the most beautiful wedding gowns at that time. Little do they know that the dress will be a family heirloom that will be passed on to subsequent generations.

After their wedding they go off to their honeymoon but the stock market goes down and their families loose their wealth. Her father’s bank also collapses and the family is faced with a great economic turmoil that changes their lives drastically. They are forced to cope with their new life, the couple also get a daughter Camille who later on passes the gown to her daughter Ruby. The story depicts the life in the early century with the women empowering each other, overcoming a lot of losses, tough relationships, war breakouts and drug use in the sixties.

This story ends well and the wedding gown that was originally bought in France unites all the four women. It can be obtained on any online platform at a pocket friendly price for anyone ready to venture into the world of the early century. The book will not only leave you in tears but also make you appreciate your family heritage and importance of fighting for your rights. Once again Danielle Steel has shown her impeccable writing skills through the multi-generational novel.

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