Styling With a Budget

Styling With a Budget

If fashion is your passion and desire, then you will make it work no matter what kind of tight budget you’re on. On a tight budget, do not focus too much on the brand, but rather on style, fitting, what speaks of you’re about, what you like in style. However, if brands are a must-have, then focus on re-selling clothes on sites like eBay. Whatever a person chooses to wear, ensure that you put on a coat of confidence with it. Confidence ensures that no matter what, everything feels good and right.

Get rid of the pieces that you never wear to make space for your new wardrobe while gaining more money to use for shopping. Define your personal style before spending on any clothes. On a budget, do not want to go for clothes that you will never wear. Sounds like something everyone knows, but oftener than not, we might end up buying items simply because they are on sale. If they do not speak to your style, walk past that rack and look for something that will definitely fit an occasion in your mind or just your version of casual wear.

Don't shy away from an oversized

Choose items that are interchangeable, for example, if a person loves blazers, they should go for a blazer that can be styled using more than just one outfit. Go for neutral or plain items that can be paired with ‘loud’ patterns and prints. Such great pieces can be foundations for your style while still ensuring that you do not spend so much money. Men’s suits should have interchangeable items to give a fresh look each time without necessarily buying new coats or pants. Just ensure that you have a great color combination to stay on-trend.

Don’t shy away from an oversized item on sale that speaks to your personal style. Purchase it then later have it altered to fit. It would be like creating a whole new outfit from an existing one. Tiny alterations such as buttons, hemming pant lengths and drafting of shirts create a fresh style sense to your wardrobe. Grooming is part of any kind of style, for both men and women. Wash your sneakers, style your hair, iron clothes, and hang them properly to avoid creasing.

Styling With a Budget

Shop in outlets, thrift stores, charity shops, all these places are gold mines for quality vintage styles. It is advisable to change wardrobe at the end of the season since this is when most brand pieces go on sale. They offer opportunities to explore creative styling ideas such as clashing prints and patterns or women get to try out men’s outfits. Invest in accessories such as belts, scarves, jewelry and cardigans that add a flair to a plain t-shirt or multicolored shirt. Swapping outfits with friends is not a bad idea if you both have something that they find might be a great addition to their collections.

Money has nothing to do with style, expensive clothes do not make you stylish, your fashion essence does. Do not change up your wardrobe all at once, but buy items over time to avoid making rash decisions that might cost you money for no reason.

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