Styling A Plus-Size Woman
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Styling A Plus-Size Woman

A major challenge of being plus-sized is finding the right dress that fits, for that special occasion, a formal setting or to be casual, going shopping as a plus size is a nightmare. The truth is, there is no single style of dress that will fit all curvy women because there are things that need to be taken into consideration. Things like height, fabric, cut of the attire, most importantly, body shape. Plus sizes will never get away with putting on dresses that aren’t made for their individual shapes, the sad reality is a lot of them won’t realize it until it is too late. It’s a classic example of a woman seeing a dress online, admiring the cut, fabric and the elegant look on the model, so she orders the dress, in plus size. When it comes, she tries it on but there is just one problem, the dress doesn’t sit right, it’s not the same.

The problem with this situation is

The problem with this situation is that the dress was tailored for an hourglass figure which is the model’s body type, but the woman shopping for the dress possesses an inverted triangle figure. Knowing that you have a body shape that is different and unique from every other female’s shape, is the first step in finding the perfect dress style. Identifying your body shape is the second step to finding the perfect dress style, curvy women have been categorized into five major body shapes, it is easy to find out yours. All you have to do is grab a tape, take note of your measurement and look in the mirror, you can do it by yourself. Take measurements of your bust, your waist and top hips, which are right below the midsection, before taking your hips. For accurate results, ensure that you do not pinch the tape, it shouldn’t be glued to your skin, it needs to hang loose, so it can move freely around the area you’re measuring without hindrance.

Do not hold your tummy in

Do not hold your tummy in as this will lead to faulty results, nullifying what you wish to achieve. At the end of this exercise, if your bust and hips show little difference between each other, and you do not have a defined midriff, then you are an oval or apple, as they are commonly called. When your bust and shoulders are wider than your hips, then you are an inverted triangle. If your hips, shoulder, bust are the same, and your waist is narrow and defined, then you are an hourglass. In the case where your shoulder and bust are much smaller than your hips, you are a triangle, triangles are sometimes called pears, and a triangle’s waistline is not distinct. Someone with a spoon-type physique will have a much larger hip than bust with a distinct waistline.

No shape is better than the

No shape is better than the other, it is this difference in body type that gives women individual uniqueness from one another. Step number three is to know what dress style accentuates your physique. As an oval, you should wear styles that are loose around the midsection since they are not defined, wear gowns that have their half cuts above your waistline with bottoms that flow. Form fitting outfits are not best friends of this body type. Choose styles by celebrities like Queen Latifah or Rebel Wilson. Inverted triangle shapes should pick dresses where the top part takes away attention from their wide shoulders, but the bottom part balances out their hips and makes it appear fuller.

Styling A Plus-Size Woman

Choose dresses that have tulips, layered, A-line skirts and asymmetrical, narrow necklines. Avoid off-shoulder dresses or square neck cuts and pick up fashion trends tips from Angelina Jolie. Form fitting outfits are the way to go if you have an hourglass figure because they tend to accentuate all your curves. Pick dresses that have deep necklines and off shoulder cuts that make your upper body look thinner, and the bottom part of the dress should hug your midsection and upper hip before flowing out, like pencil skirts. Avoid formless, baggy clothes as an hourglass figure as they tend to make you look heavier, following Nicki Minaj’s fashion trends. A female with a pear shaped body should wear attire that accentuates the torso and takes attention away from her hips.

Wear clothes that have layers at the top, puffed sleeves at the shoulders, and a wide neckline with bottoms that hug your waist and hips. Fashion trends by Adele and Kim Kardashian are designed to meet the needs of this figure. Spoons have to wear dresses that accentuate their upper bodies, styles like strapless gowns, off shoulders, give the appearance that you have wider upper body, the bottom part of your dress should be A-line cuts. If A-line dresses fit and bring attention to your waist, there is an added bonus if they are ruffled. Purchase empire waist dresses as they are forever classy and fashionable, following BeyoncĂ©’s fashion trends as a spoon is a bonus. Take into consideration color schemes, patterns, designs and materials, no matter the style, pairing it with the wrong design, pattern, and color schemes will lead to a disaster. Material wise, body types that do not have a defined waistline must stay away from stretchy materials.

Body types with wide shoulders, busts and small hips must also stay away because these materials tend to unflatter your body. When dealing with colors and patterns, wear bright colors, bold designs, patterns on parts of your body you wish to highlight and darker colors on areas you wish to de-emphasize. Generally, there are rules a plus size must adhere to whenever picking out dresses. The first rule is to always consider darker shades, dark colors that take off a few pounds and make a plus size look trim. The second rule is highlighting your best features to take attention off your less flattering ones. If you’re busty, choose clothes with open necklines and off-shoulder dresses and invest in flare gowns and ball gowns if you have smaller hips. Avoid tight sleeves if you have flabby arms, make sure they don’t open out at the end if you have a triangle or a spoon body type.

Invest in peplums if your waistline is not defined and avoid sleeveless clothes if you have flabby arms. Whilst shopping online, make sure the dress you are about to purchase is tailored to your body type, the same thing applies while following current styles. Follow celebrities with the same body type you have, and if this is not possible, alter the look to suit your body type and always remember to stay fashionable and classy, in whatever you wear.

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