Ideal Dresses for the Overweight

Ideal Dresses for the Overweight

Being overweight is frowned upon as it is considered to be a result of an uncontrolled appetite. You need the courage to thrive in the face of this misconception. What’s worse, there are health risks associated with being overweight. Nonetheless, the ability to look nice in a dress does not need to be among these challenges. Several types are tailored to make you stand out for elegance.

Although fashion experts advise a plump woman to avoid bright colors, you can wear them right and look great. One way of doing this is combining a bright color with a dull one. For instance, a purple ombre’ dress, whose darker shades are on the bodice, would make your hips look fuller to create the highly coveted hourglass shape. One with a black bodice and a white skirt also has a similar effect.

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Dresses with solid, dark colors make you look a bit slimmer and can be worn to any event. For instance, a black dress will make you look both taller and slimmer. Striped dresses have a similar slimming effect, but the ideal width and direction of the stripes depend on your body type. Always go for one whose stripes have a dull color to draw attention away from your flaws. Case in point, a straight dress with white and blue stripes is a good choice for a formal occasion.

To look great in any dress, ensure that it makes you look slimmer in all areas. A-line dresses are fitting from shoulders to waist and then flare downwards, trimming out your figure into a pear. An empire waist dress has a similar effect but draws attention to the upper half of your body. The waistline is fitted just beneath your bust, from where the rest of the dress flares downward. This design effectively hides your tummy and creates the illusion that you have a slender waist.

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While a dress with darker shades on the bodice makes your hips seem fuller, it is not good for a pear figure as it would exaggerate the size of the lower half of your torso. Instead, wear one whose bodice has a brighter color than the skirt. In addition, choose a dress whose design and cut are suitable for whichever occasion you plan to attend. For instance, a short wrap dress is ideal for formal occasions, while a long one is perfect for a day out with friends or a wedding.

A peplum dress is a closet staple for every woman as it works well for every body shape, including chubby. It has an extra fabric around the waistline that extends from the bodice to the area just above the hips. Although it can be worn for other occasions, it is particularly ideal for a workplace or attending an interview. For an evening party, wear a black, long, one-arm peplum dress.

Ideal Dresses for the Overweight

The cut of a dress neckline determines what body a dress is ideal for. To make narrow shoulders appear wider, an off-shoulder dress is best to balance out with your lower half of the body. For those with broad shoulders, a halter neckline dress is a great choice to make your torso look slimmer. A straight dress helps balance out an apple figure or a rectangle one by making it appear curvy and feminine. Ensure that it fits nicely, as an oversize one would make you seem bigger than you are. Avoid accessorizing with a belt as it would reverse the intended effect.

The shape and length of sleeves are either slim or enlarged on flabby arms. Choose dresses that have loosely fitting sleeves but not oversize ones as the latter make your arms seem bigger, as do tight sleeves. Alternatively, wear a dress with a flutter sleeve wider than your arm, making it look smaller. Long-sleeved dresses make your arms look slender, as do ones that flare out. Ensure that the latter fits on your upper arm and widens as they descend below your elbow.

Whichever dress you choose, ensure that you feel comfortable and beautiful in it before stepping out. Wearing one that flatters your figure helps to boost your confidence and courage to face a day. It communicates that you are ready for success as appearance always speaks before you do.

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